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DJM 450 low volume

Low volume wen rec on send and return thru iPhone 14 pro , recording video 

Att in utility mixer  is 0db ,

Trim gain at 12 in orange led between 6 and 9 on mixer , master volume doesn’t effect record volume 


Is there anything I can do to make it louder , I don’t really want to add volume my self in Final Cut Pro 
Or other apps as it takes more time ect , After I’ve rec I just want to send the video straight to Facebook , I don’t want to be editing 

The Djm rec app allows me to make it more louder only when goin Facebook live , 

But I just want to rec video and audio and send it straight away to fb and not mess around adjusting volume after I’ve recorded 

Otherwise it jus takes longer 

paul lovell

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