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CDJ2000NSX2 - More Beatjump Values

Why would Pioneer take the time to program and integrate a beat-jump feature and then only give an option for 1 beat?  how unbelievably stupid.  

unless you are a turntablist setting up a beat juggle... who jumps 1 beat?

Every software package in the world Jumps 4 8 16 & 32 beats.  Jumping over and repeating 32 beat phrases with music in 4x4 time signature is vital to the dj workflow for most artists. Pioneer already has the functionality built into the Rekordbox-DJ software.  The programming work is done. I cant believe they didn't put it on the new CDJ's  

Beat-jump is literally the one and only reason i continue to use Traktor w/HID and a custom mapping of the CDJ controls rather than just moving to flash drives which would be so much easier logistically.

Talk about a complete design failure.  so dumb.


Walt White

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Hopefully it's coming in a future firmware update. I agree that it's an important feature and one bar doesn't suffice.

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