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Unable to record

Hi, Im pretty new to Rekordbox so hopefully this is something simple I've missed. Ive got 2 cdj900 and a djm 800 mixer connected to macbook pro with usb wires running Rekordbox 4.1. All this works fine except I'm unable to record. I don't have any other usb ports or an audio input and as its a fairly new mac book you can't swap the headphone socket to mic. Ive been through the audio settings and can't find an option of an input, has anybody else come across this problem? 


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@Paul > Unfortunately the DJM-800 doesn't have an audio interface, so you would require another piece of hardware to capture the audio from the mixer output, either as a stand-alone recorder or audio interface to send it back to the computer.

An alternative would be that you could use a MIDI interface, set the mixer to internal on rekordbox, map and use CH1 and CH2 for controlling the software, and send the headphone output to from one CDJ-900 to CH3 (cue monitor in the headphones there, keep the channel fader down) and the master output from the other CDJ-900 to CH4 (leave that channel fader OPEN). That would then allow you to record the internal mix within rekordbox.

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