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rekordbox Export to USB Workflow Advice (For a collection containing FLAC files)


I'm after some export workflow advice. I'm transitioning from Traktor and have a large FLAC collection. I've almost completed the task of analysing/gridding/setting cue points etc.

I've switched to rekordbox as I bought the DDJ-RZ which has no issue with FLAC (as it's the software that plays the file, not the unit) but I understand FLAC support is limited in the CDJ world. (I understand that's the way it'll be, my post isn't about asking for additional FLAC support etc as that's been brought up before.)

What steps should I take to prepare a USB stick with music files (and incorporated cue points/grids etc) that would be playable on non-NXS2s (eg when I can't use my RZ). Ideally I don't want to have to manually transcode my collection to WAV/AIFF.

If I do have to transcode, am I able to apply the grid/cue points etc file to the new file or would I have to re-set all the points?


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Unfortunately, there is no easy fix.  You would have to convert the files to MP3 or AIFF and then reanalyze and reset all cue points.

Mark Gallo
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As I thought.  I suppose I could always take the laptop and use the CDJs as controllers.

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