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Update to CDJ 2000 Nexus mk1 Phase Meter

Just wondering if there is any chance that the new Phase Meter on the CDJ 2000 Nexus mk2 will find its way onto the mk1.  I'd be happy to pay a reasonable amount for the update if necessary, but can't justify spending several thousand dollars on new hardware just to get that one feature.  I know the mk2s have other improvements, but that is the only one I really care.  If you don't know whether there is any plan to include that in a future firmware update, it would be much appreciated if you could communicate the request to the engineers (and in general, to communicate that people are willing to pay for new feature updates).  


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Firmware update release dates and details of the contents of those updates are not released to the public until they are actually available.  Firmware updates are free of charge.

Mark Gallo
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