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Duplicated playlists on USB after renaming in iTunes

Hello. I compile playlists in iTunes and sync these with Rekordbox and then transfer these to my two USBs.

A few days ago I decided to change the names of the playlists, adding the date that they were created to the end. This has synced correctly with Rekorbox, and copied over to the USBs correctly.

The problem is that the original playlists, without the date at the end, still appear on the USBs along with the updated playlist names. The old playlist names appear greyed out.

How do I get rid of the playlists with the old names from the USBs?

Here is a screenshot which I hope will make this clearer. Thanks!

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Don't use the sync manager - open the playlist folder on the USB device itself then remove them. Unfortunately the playlists don't have a UID and as such, renaming them basically creates a new entry rather than updating existing playlists.

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I am having the same issue. Can you please explain how to do this? Which folder on the usb is the playlist folder? Do I just delete it and then re-sync playlist using sync manager?

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