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XDJ 1000 Activate/Deactivate Current Loop

Guys, still waiting for a simple change to be added to the firmware update to XDJ-1000.

Is it so hard to add Activate/Deactivate loop, while play is in the middle of marked (by Recordbox) loop?


Hardware buttons for this could be Hold-IN, and Hold-EXIT. Because Hold-In is used for something else, it could be Hold-Out for 1 second.


This is very basic functionality in every software and it is used A LOT. And it's very easy to implement. Otherwise marking more than 1 loop on a track by Recordbox is just USELESS.

Dimitar Dimitrov

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This is a 2 part request.  Rekordbox does not have this feature, which is why the XDJ does not have this feature.  I will move this topic to the Feature Suggestions forum, which is still closed to the public pending approval from our legal team.  Once it is approved, this thread will be become public again and we can suggest this to our product teams.

Mark Gallo
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I would like to see this as well.

For me I like to pre-set multiple loops and activate them when I get to them. That way I don't have to drop a new loop perfectly -- I can activate a known loop when I get to it.  

With this functionality the workflow is a lot more flexible, I can move the loop, shorten/lengthen it, etc.  These tools combined is aa great way to save yourself if you miss the perfect loop point. This is a functionality I love in Traktor.

Overall I have been extremely impressed by the quality and velocity of both hardware and software releases since the ownership change.  Pioneer is clearly innovating at an extremely rapid pace.  

Thanks for considering this enhancement.  For my style of mixing I would consider Rekordbox perfect if it had this functionality and it was midi mappable.


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