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few questions regarding the CDJ-2000

hi everyone and thank you for getting the time to read,

i have a few things i don't understand.. and sorry if anyone asked, i've searched for days in the forums and the net and didn't came up with anything.

1. HOT CUE's - i've set hot cue "A" to be 1st beat i play from the track on RB, how do i set this cue point to be the "CUE" on the cdj? i wanna play that cue from the play button and not the "A" button

1a. why do i see only cue points a-c on the small waveform and not d-h? how do i see them on screen? i use d-h cue points to remind me stuff in the tracks i play.

2. LOOP's - is there a way to autoload the loops i made in RB?

2a. if i select on RB "SHOW HALF WAVEFORM" on the small screen, will it show the rest of the cue's? and will it make the waveform bigger so i can trigger whatever when the beat is right? the small white indicator is not counting 4's as it should, and some tracks are not dj friendly and the 1st beat of the track is the 2nd beat with the clap, so triggering music with that small white indicator and small waveform is really now that good.

i've been using trakor modular setup for years now, so i'm a bit of a spoiled brat :P

thank you in advance friends!

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1. set a cue point you want, hit memory button so its saved in one of the 1-10 memory slots, set CDJ auto cue level to "1st memory point"


1a - the 2000 only supports 3 hot cues, thats why, if you want "markers" so to speak then you can use the 10 memory pints and they will show up as yellow markers throughout the track


2 - yes, make a loop, while in the loop save it to a memory slot and then click on the yellow loop icon to the left of it to make it an "Active loop" so it loops automatically when it gets to it, you can set 1 active loop per track

2a-not sure, i use full, change it and see what happens

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wow thank you for your quick reply! 

i think you've just answered all my problems man! 

i will try it in the next few days when i have access to that CDJ-2000, i will update,

and thank you again for all your help! you saved me :))

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