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Unable to input licence key

 Hi, when I go into settings in Rekordbox and go to the licence tab and click 'activate', I input my KUVO account details (email and password) but get the following message:

"No response from the licence server. Please make sure your computer is connected to the internet."

My computer is 100% connected to the network which is set up as a private/home network. I have tried deactivating my firewall, connecting to the internet via ethernet but nothing works.

I'm getting desperate and Pioneer haven't responded to my last email which I sent 4 days ago. Please help! :-(

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i have simular problem but im a 2nd owner ddjrx , first one deleted recordbox and account. but when ii want to activate tthe program show me info with this , I cannoy use recordbox dj becouse is instaled on another laptop or pc but it isnt. Whats now ?

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