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Hi there ... im seem to be having an issue with midi clock understanding it & using..

setup DJM v10 LF cdj 3000 x 2 DJS 1000 x 1 RMX 1000 & Roland TR8s

I understand that the v10 can send start/stop information.

in order to obtain tight bpm information what do i need to do and how do you need to connect?

currently bpm is tight and is quite sloppy for me anyway maybe im doing something wrong.. 

ext 1 rmx 1000

ext 2 djs 1000 

midi output from djm v10 start /stop 

tr8s input midi din from djm 

id love to achieve midi clock tight & full standalone.

can it be done? if so whats the best way to attack this ..

thanks for sharing your valuable time..


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