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Blank Screen on brand new cdj2000nx2

 I Just bought a pair of new 2000 nexus2's. One is working fine. But the other has a completely blank screen. No backlight, nothing.

Everything else is working, I can blindly scroll through and get a track playing and all other features work. I have only just plugged them in for the first time. and this is what it was like.

I am I missing something or are they a factory defect...If so that would be bad as i just bought them from the states and brought them back to new Zealand.

I doubt they got damaged they were in a super heavy duty fight case with more foam packed around them. The case had no damaged to it.

Any Ideas what this could be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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@Stryker > Sorry, but unfortunately this sounds like a hardware failure and because they were purchased in the USA, the warranty is only valid in the USA, so would either need to be shipped back there for repair or if you take it to a dealer in NZ, you'll be paying for the repairs.

Please contact Pioneer DJ technical support in your region for further assistance.

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