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Rekordbox user - Facebook user group & Rekordbox Features & Bug Voting system

Anyone know of a Rekordbox users facebook forum to share / Q&A / Ideas with others users...  I would like to know..  

also ... where in the Pioneer DJ forum can we start to formally ask for features from Rekordbox and bug fixes, as rekordbox is probably going to be a main feature for us locked into Pioneer .. which I am .. apart from my 1210s ..

Im also super excited to integrate Rekordbox and forthcoming TORAIZ SP-16 for live sampling into my system and would like Rekordbox to contain useful features surrounding the TORAIZ and so on .. would be great to get a voting thread ..


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We can not post links to external discussion groups, sorry.

The forums will have a Suggestions section soon, we're just waiting on our legal team to approve the disclaimer.

There are no plans to have a "bug voting system," any bugs or errors, for any product, reported here by users, are directed to the product teams and then they are added into their bug tracking system.

Thanks for your feedback!

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