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Djs-s11 sleep mode? Won’t stay on.

Turned in my djm-s11 and the lights come on and looks like it’s turning on then all the light fade away and nothing is on. The screen doesn’t come on at all. How do I “wake up” the mixer? Usbs and screen are off.
JJ Guerra

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The sleep mode has a flashing red light on the bottom left of the mixer when that is active. You just press it or shift press it and it will "Wake Up" the mixer. It sounds like you may have something else going on.  Had you tried to do a firmware update any time recently? Maybe see if you can re-flash the firmware on it with the current version and see if that fixes it. You'll have to look online to see if there's a button combination you press when turning it on to put the mixer into a firmware update mode. I wish you the best. I have a S11 and I would hate for it to stop working on me. Hope its an easy fix for you chief. Good luck!

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