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Revolutionary New Mobile Dj Controller

This one's for the Pioneer controllers makers, i really hope you'll get this message.

I'm a Pioneerd DDJ SX currently user, but i need some improvements.
There's a market out there truly underestimated: MOBILE DJ'S.
I'm talking' of all those dj's who work in weddings, corporate conventions, private parties, square festivals and even clubs, of course.
I see Pioneer being more focused on Club Dj's, but mobile dj's are becoming' always more and more popular and busy, we want our special Pioneer equipment, tailored designed for our needs.

What we need:

People ask to plug in their smartphone or iPad. We use our iPad as well for jingles and music apps. We even need a channel for the karaoke machine.
4 channel are enough to me: 2 for the decks, 2 extra for ext. devices

No more sacrificing a line channel for a mic input, we want proper channels for mics (yes, two please). We like complete EQ for mic and even reverb and delay for singing. We are entertainers, we speak a lot. We work with managers, grooms and brides, best men...they speak a lot.

We pack up and set up, smantle and dismantle, in and out the van...
We need a light but sturdy controller.

Take a look at the DENON Mc6000 (very popular between the mobile dj's).
They've been able to fit 2 separate mic channels and 4 music channels in a compact controller, sturdy and portable. Do you really want us to buy a poor Denon controller? We can't, please...

This one would be the great news.
Let us keep the Mac safe at home, it's time for the machine to handle the amount of music. Yes...we play lots of music, it's not like in the club for us. We face so many different scenarios.
We jump from the 50's to the 80's, from Rock to Pop, from R&B to Country, from House to 70's disco...this means lots of gigabytes. Why don't we put a HD on the controller and a wide screen in order to browse all the different crates and folders? 100 gigabytes would be enough to me..
No more 2 small screens on the decks but only a main one, central position, replacing the computer.

As i said before we use iPad, having a dock were we can put it would be nice. If we have the main screen in the center we can have the iPad dock on the right side. On the left side we could have a little stand for the radio mic receiver (it's a pity i can't draw here, i would show you), so everything would be in order and nice looking, we care about aestethic, we are photographed and video taken.

As i just said video makers and photographers are always around, because we work for big and important brand events. Then "light up" the controller! Make it bright! Nobody does it so far, we have led lights everywhere for the commands and knobs, just give some light to the case as well!

What we don't need:

I know, it might sound weird...but if the controller has the right features, we buy it, never mind the price. We earn money and we earn good, so no problem, we will spend for durable controller.

I'm sorry for my english, i'm italian.
In my country i'm pretty popular for corporate conventions and weddings, contact me for any suggestion or feedback!
I'd like to draw a sketch if you want...
Please think about it, this one might be a revolutionary controller!!!

Mauro Forbicini


Mauro Forbicini

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All sounds good, I'll pass along these ideas to our product planners.  Thank you!

Jay 0 voti
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Thank you for your quick reply Jay.

There's even more to say...i'm always available for any question or information.

Have a great day!

Mauro Forbicini 0 voti
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Agree on the had storage.   and  needs to be a removable drive. We also need to see rekordbox built in to controllers  like the xdj   pc s can crash.

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Xdj with Rekordbox will be the next controller for sure, maybe October/November

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