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how to activate loop in cdj 900 nexus

hey, i have a stored loop in a track, and when i use cdj 2000 i just press C and it will activate the loop stored in C. How can i do it, with my CDJ900 Nexus?

i have this song that i like to loop, how do i activate that loop while playing the track, of maby pre-plating the track.

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I assume that you have stored the loop in "Hotcue C". Hotcues are not available on the 900 Nexus so store the cues and loops in Memory Cues and Memory Loops instead. They are a bit more limited since you can't seamlessly call them during playback. But using them for the start cue/loop and also active loops that activate when you "play in to them" works flawlessly. You can seamlessly re-call a loop so with a bit of planning they can almost behave like hotcues.

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