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the most missing option of Rekordbox... a real synch function !!!

The fact that we can't delete tracks automatically on the usb drive with the misnamed "synch manager"... So i have to format my usb drive then copy ALL my files again everytime... its so boring...what a lack of feature and a true lost of time. I cant delete files manually, i have too much files. The principe of synchronization is to duplicate, or mirroring, the added files OR the deleted ones.

If i change my mind, i can add later my "deleted" files from my computer collection. It's a non sense i hate your "synch manager" which is not one

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and why on earth the copy of the files take so long ??? regardless of the format, FAT or Mac OS extended its anormally loooooong to copy files from my computer to the flash drive. I have this problem only with rekordbox !!!!

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