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SP-16 Dissapointments

I finally had a chance to play around with the SP-16.  I was initially blown away but as I started delving deeper into the unite I began to come a cross a few disappointments.

Our Setup was as Follows


2x XDJ-700


Bass synthesizer with step sequencer.

We came across a very disappointing limitation.  When the SP-16 is receiving sync data from the ProLink in could not send sync data via the Midi out to the Synthesizer. 

Also speaking of sync.  Every now and then the SP-16 would loose it's sync to the ProLink Master deck or even a Laptop We had running in link mode with rekordbox set as the master. It would stop working, even when we would reboot the SP-16 it would't work.  However about 20-30mins later it would start to sync again.

Both are very strange and very disappointing, hope someone out there has some thoughts.  It's such a great unite but if it can't sync properly with the link and/or other devices what's the point.

Thanks all!


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Hi Creme,

Thanks for the quick reply, I looked over the page. It doesn't seem to be clear what the Midi CC Out is going to do exactly. (other then give notes and CCs) Can you confirm that the SP-16 will be able to output Clock signal via MIDI while receiving sync data from the ProLink?

Also any thoughts on why the SP-16 losses sync only to have it come back after on its own?


P.S. Very cool meeting you in Montreal when we had our PioneerDJ clinic at Moog.

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I second Mushin's comments above: witnessed that behaviour. And thank you for the introductory rebate at the clinic! I used it! :D

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