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DDJ-RR Controller Ver.2

Hi Pioneer,
I would like to inquire about the DDJ-RR Controller if you guys will gonna gonna upgrade this DJ Controller?

I really do wish that you guys can upgrade the Platter (same platter like on cdj's players) with extreme low latency & weight sensitive like a real vinyl turntable,
Plus Include a "replaceable cross fader" with fader control curve & reverse,

I hope that this request reach the engineering department for the Pioneer Dj Office / Production Line, staff'

Imagine, a 2 channel battle mixer from Pioneer, with such quality & more greatness because of its power & capabilities,.
For sure you guys will definitely conquer the world once again.

Pls. Pioneer, upgrade your DDJ-RR, with:
-Platter (like in cdj's player)
-Replaceable Cross Fader
-Cross Fader Controls / Curve
-2 Channel Slim Design (Same as it is)
-Super Matt Black Color finish (anti glare / finger print)
-Solid USB / Cables I/O

Thank you Pioneer
I wish I could be 1 of your Tech Designer.

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Or make a DDJ-RX with 2 Channels only,.
(With all the same or new features & build),
Plus more upgrades / modifications.

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The unit you want is called the DDJ-RZ. Has same size platters as CDJs, although is is conductive not a mechanical sensor.


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Thanks for the words Harry',. regarding to your comment, I'm much familiar with all Pioneer's Ddj Controller indeed' the DDJ-RZ that you mentioned was a superb DDJ Controller, but it is a 4 Channel Mixer,. Aside from it' although the Cross Fader was a "Magvel Fader" control, it is not replaceable / Removable (unlike the DDJ-RX) which has an option for easy installation / replacement once the control fade out on its own.
The DDJ-RZ is also a bit wider / bigger / heavier compare to those previews model,
& yes! It simply because it is the DDJ-RZ (1 of the Top of the line) flagship of Pioneer Dj,

& so I would rather say it again' / humbly request to the Pioneer Engineering Dept, if they can do built / create, release a DDJ-RZ with only 2 Channels'
With all same features like the original cdj platter' (but I do wish that they could do / apply a technology to the platter itself to be more "weight" sensitivity rather than 'touch' so at least the user can enjoy more & feels like we're using a digital combination of analog technology through its jog wheels (same like the old school Dj turntables).

To make it more simple'
Here are my request Pioneer DJ Dept for the DDJ-RZ / RX:

1. Mixer Channels - make a 2 Channels only if possible.
2. Cross Fader - with a Replaceable option (like the DDJ-RX).
3. Fader Cut / Curve Control - with a "Reversable" Switch Option.
4. Plater - Make a "Weight" / Analog Sensitivity. (Not the Touch - Conductive).
5. Size - if it's possible to make it a little bit narrow / small.
(for sure yes! Because this time it would be a 2 Channels only)
6. Color - make it "Pure Matt black Finish" & AVOID the glossy color as much possible.

I think that's is all for now,.

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Certain parts like smaller jog wheels and faders ,tempo slider etc and build quality is all down to get it to a certain price to be affordable within its price range ,one specific part like a bigger cdj style jogwheel probably costs much more to make so they slap a lower end one on to fit the price range or they would lose money.

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