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Quantize "Mashup mode"

Dear Pioneer, today I got an official response from the development team about inquiry I posted a month ago. Telling me that there is no Quantize bug but is a feature just like on de CDJ's

So my feature request would be, Quantize "Mashup mode" (for instance)

What I mean by that is Quantize just like other DJ Software, so when you push he Hotcue button after the beat position It corrects this.

I think this will make al lot of people and new users very happy.

Please consider this feature.

Kind regards, Leon



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make a setting similar to gate mode


CDJ mode (default)

SMART mode (like in other dj software)

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+1 This is true, quantize is needed on beat and a little after on beat, not just before the beat as it is now, you have to press the pad before the beat, cause if you do it on beat or slightly after the beat, it waits for the next beat, thats not what most people are looking for.


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