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rekordbox and cdj2000nxs2 and djm-900nxs2

I have 2 cdj2000nxs2 and the djm-900nxs2 - my preference is to link directly through my mac to access my record library. I can do this through setting up the mixer and cjd's via an ethernet hub, and link the mac to a cdj via usb, then using the export mode for rekordbox. I am struggling with whether I can record via rekordbox as this only appears available in the performance mode,i would also like to use the samples through rekordbox, again this appears to only be available through performance mode.

If I link the cdj's via a usb hub will I be able to access performance mode and therefore be able to record and use the other functionality ?





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You can record in Export mode - I do.

My CDJs and Mixer are connected to my Mac via LAN.
My mixer is also connected to my Mac via USB.

I can record playing either digital files from rekordbox, USB, SD or CDs.

(Just have your settings set up correctly)

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