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Toraiz SP 16 suggestions for improving playing live

First, awesome to see that you updated the update-plan and that the complete midi implementation is planed for the next update already! :)
Also the new "render audio file" option is great!

Here are my suggestions:

Mixing/Prelisten tracks:
When playing live it is very helpful if:
- The headphone/cueing should not be linked to an output, but to a track.
Currently you have to take one output as "prelisten output", which does not go out to the audience. Because when editing/creating live a pattern, I do not want that the audience will hear that. When I have finished editing, I want that the audience hears the result.
- You should be able to prelisten (with headphones) a muted track. Then you can edit a muted track while other unmuted tracks are going out to the club.
- You should be able to prelisten (with headphones) more than one fixed track, but a customizable amount of tracks.
Maybe in the mixer add a button "select/cue" to each track. Every selected track will be send to the headphone output, regardless if the track is muted, and regardless which output (master, 1-2, whatever) the track is assigned to.
In that way you have not to sacrifice an output as "prelisten output"; and in live situations you have full flexibility and easy overview which tracks you are prelistening and which tracks are going to the audience.


Advanced copy options:
- Copy all set steps of a bar to another bar of the same track
- Copy all set steps of a bar to another bar of another track
- Copy all set steps of a track to another track
- A quick way to delete all set steps of a bar (Shift + ? )

Recording Automation
- when pressing record while playing, all movements of the knobs below the touch display are recorded
(all assigned effects)
This is already possible with the touch strip, so the same could be made with the knobs below the touch display
- advanced automation function: there is an extra menue options to edit a automation envelope of a track:
- edit the recorded envelope: you can set a value per step, the values between two steps are quantized.
- create a new envelope; either a custom one (set values per step), or select an preset envelope (sinus sweep, linear decrease/increase, sawtooth, ...). As an preset option you can set to span the envelope over 1 to 4 bars.

Arrangement - pattern loop mode
- in the arrangement you can mark consecutive pattern positions of a song to loop them.
E.g. mark positions 4-8. After the pattern at position 8 was played, the pattern at position 4 will be started. This goes forth until the loop selection was deselected (Either with a button "loop pattern sequence" or just by deselecting the marked patterns again)
- with this way you can get rid of the 4 bars limitation per pattern (in live situations). To have 8 bars just combine 2 patterns and mark to loop them in the arrangement

Long samples trigger
- when setting a long sample (e.g. 8 bars) at first step of the pattern, the sample is triggered from the start when the pattern
is looped after 4 bars.
There should be an option for a sample, to ignore a (re)trigger, when the sample was already triggered and is currently playing.
("Force One-Shot without retrigger")


Thank you very much for that great product already. It has tremendous potencial.


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