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Rekordbox Lighting 2023 (Future?)

I'm one of the admins of the Facebook group "Pioneer Rekordbox Lighting for RB-DMX1 and FLX10". We have a little over 1400 people in this group. We wrote down several things we don't like or we need in RB-Lighting. Could you (developers) say anything about those points down there. Which point is going to be in an update soon? Which point is a problem? We would like to know something please :)

1. The support for Effect Lights (Derbys, Simple Lasers, Fog Machines, ....)

2. Add UV Light Colour Support (+every type of Light such as UV, White,...)

3. Nearly every Track is in the Cool Bank (maybe Link the Bank with the Genre or Tags, or a "Bank-Randomizer")

4. Possibilty to rename / add Infos to your Lighting Fixtures (more overview while setting up the venue)

5. DMX Direct Control - Turn On / Off Option linked with a Phrase, if it's not possible to add some Fixtures for us (for Example when Chorus -> DMX Direct Control 1 ON - otherwise DMX Direct Control 1 Off)

6. Moving Head range settings should be more intuitive. Moving lights to the dancefloor, not on the Dj (it is difficult to set)

7. Multi Fx Bars should be an own category (like Par Light or Moving Head). They are very limited with RB Lighting as it is now. Same thing for lights like the Cameo HydraBeam 4000 etc.

8. "Easy Mode" for Custom Show Builder (If you have covered every light categorie, it is very time intense to build a custom show for a track) For example: Just programm the synth and RB Light. will do the rest. (AI is rising :) )

9. The switch from Performance Mode to Lighting mode takes way too long (even on my high end PC at home)

10. It often strobes when it is inappropiate

11. During Automix - When the next track is coming, the lights suddenly turn to 0% for a few seconds. The transitions could be much smoother. A total blackout during the chilled/starting/warmup playlist is not good. I guess that the Phrase "Outro" needs a little bit of fine tuning.

12. Native support for Philips Hue in RB Lighting

13. Set a individual colour scheme (for example Red+Blue+Green) instead of a single colour

14. More colour banks/moods (genre specific banks would be a great thing)

15. A Fixture Builder (to implement your unsupported lights in your shows)

I could have made 14 posts but i think this is easier :P


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Thank you for doing this work collecting the issues. I personally second the need for #1 Multi-FX units like Chauvet Swarm and #6 Moving Head control. Also, regarding Moving Heads like Chauvet Intimidator 260, it appears that RB cannot control the Focus, Fine Pan/Tilt, GoboSpin or even Speed. So, will RB Lighting be expanding the ability to control these types of lights? Moving Heads are in the recommended arsenal of Rekordbox Lighting Fixtures and we can't even really use them fully... I get that it's a huge hurdle to be able to control all lights out there, but shouldn't RB at least start somewhere?

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Yes I agree ! I Still waiting for big improvements of this lighting part of RKB !! It's important for most of us. After buying SERATO maybe you should buy SOUNDSWITCH ??

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