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TORAIZ Design Suggestion for Next Version

The more I play with the TORAIZ the more fun I have, although I also agree that there is a lot more potential in there that firmware updates could sort out and eagerly I'm looking forward to them. 

One thing that really hinders me live is that in a dark room I cannot see the numbers over the sequencer keys. Both when I try to switch a Scene or a Pattern I have to keep counting from the left or right to find the one I want to hit. 

I would like to suggest two things for the next hardware version:

1) Maybe the numbers could be printed on the inside of the plastic buttons. Each of the 16 steps is anyway backlit so that should work perfectly me thinks

2) Maybe the sequencer button that corresponds to the currently active Scene and Pattern could be more distinctive. Doesn't matter if it's brighter or dimmer or a totally different color altogether (say white).

I hope this helps! Ciao....


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