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Toraiz- Polyphony /note cut off issue- DJ Creme

Hi Creme I have a scene with 16 tracks, 16 efx and a master efx. The issue i see is that some notes cut off (no sound) in this configuration. I get this issue especially with the Filter FX. I am suspecting either loading multiple filter track efx consumes bandwith and cuts of sound. 


can you re create this and test out. Is there a limitation on no of efx?

TCO TCO (Cosmic Order)

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hello TCO,

I tried to recreate what you explain but I did not experience the same result. What I did find is that when you add a filter the MIX RATIO is at 100% and it lowers the volume of the sample. Go back into your pads that have NO SOUND and see if the the mix ratio is set at 100%. This might be the issue your having.

Let me know, Thanks.


Dj Creme
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