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TORAIZ: Synchronization with XDJ-1000MK2 / FX

So far digging the Toraiz immensely:

I have one XDJ-1000MK2  ProDJ Linked to the Toraiz using a network cable.  When the XDJ is playing as Master I should be able to hit Play on the Toraiz (in time) and have it SYNC lock to the XDJ.  This happens, but it's hit or miss.  The Toraiz does not behave like a CDJ in that it sync locks right away.  Can that be looked into or perhaps post instructions in case I missed anything?

Also as previously mentioned, this unit is SCREAMING to be mangled with more effects.  Having timed effects per track like pitch shifted delays would be wicked.
Also if the PADS could be used in FX PERFORM mode would also be a great "live" tool to spice up arrangements.

Pioneer shouldnt have to look too far for FX and simply reuse some of the SCENE and Breakdown FX algos from the RMX-1000 which work very well in DJ sets.



Luis Valencia

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