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Record Box library

Hi from Greece!

I search forum but Ididn't find an answer in my next question.. (Or i didn't search enough :P)

I 'm playing with recordbox 4.2.1. with xdj rx through link with ethernet cable.

When I'm playing, as you know, i make enough hot cues and some loops that i want xdj rx and record box to remember. Until here everything is good.

All my tracks are analysed.

If I make a back up with library without back up my files (because i back up my songs with different way) is this back up when i restore it, will remember my hot cues, loops, analyzed tracks e.t.c.????? Even to another or the same computer???


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To confirm; yes, the memory points, hot cues, loops, etc. are all stored with the database so as long as your media files match, the database can be backed-up and restored without issue.

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I am backing up my rekordbox library without the tracks. I restored it on another computer several times to make sure I got the same in my environment.
As long as you make sure your tracks will have the same location on the new computer, your hot cues, loops, memory cues etc. will be there.

If your tracks aren't at the same place you will get the missing track sign and have to relocate the tracks to make it work.

Works fine for me. Make sure you back up your tracks - but you said you're doing it...

Btw. I have XDJ-1000 but it should be the same with your gear.


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