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My recordbox Library

Hello there - i love recordbox - But im having anxiety and need help -
Does my recordbox library structure completely rely on my Files and folders in windows 7 -
What if i want to move a file in my HD music folder or change a name of a file or folder ? - So far this seems to make the tune or multiple tunes when moving or renaming a folder in windows. Die in recordbox - - like, surely my recordbox library, once the tunes hav been analized. Should be independent of my files and folder structure on my hard drive ? -
What if i hav my main DnB folder on my HD with 100 tracks in. All analyzed perfectly, and multiple hours of memory cue work. Then accidentally move or rename my folder on my HD. This will ruin my recordbox library and i will lose all my hours of work -
Im very anxious about this -
Its happened before, when i didnt know - hasnt happened since i found out.
But im terrified of this happening again -
How can i rearrange my HD file structure. without it effecting all my recordbox work ???????????
Also - If i add a few new tracks to one of my HD Music folders - How do i get these extra few tracks into recordbox, when u can only add folders and not individual files ?? --
Am i being stupid ?

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As @Frank says, backup, backup, backup.

Moving files (which you shouldn't need to do - put them in the right place the first time) is fine, they can be relocated and all the data follows. If you move everything to the same degree, relocation of thousands of files can take seconds, but if you move single files all over the place, or several folders into different locations, the relocation process takes more time as it can't globally relocate using the same move as the first file you relocate.

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When moving a file locally to a different space or folder, you can re-locate the file in rekordbox. When rekordbox misses the file it will indicate it in you library. Then you can point rekordbox to the new place of the file and your cue points, hot cues etc. will be there again.

To be sure not to lose the DB or your tracks you need to backup your Track and the DB. Either together via rekordbox or the DB via rekordbox and the tracks independant from that. As long as you do not edit the tracks (i.e. cut start or end or rekord it completely new) you will not lose your analysed data.

When you want to add / import single tracks you can simply drg & drop them into rekordbox.

If you are changing your HD file sturcture of your tracks you need to relocate them to tell rekordbox where they are now.

You even can move your rekordbox library to a different place. But do it via rekordbox and don't mess up with the rekordbox specific files holding your analysed data. Make sure you got a backup of your library. 

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Thanks for answers - Im still a bit confused - when u say change file structure within recordbox, do u mean move tracks or folders within Collection or inside the explorer ? in the file tree to the left of recordbox UI ? and which one ?
Also, if im adding say 5 files to one of my folders in my HD folder structure, would i import them from my sektop into recordbox and the folder i want and then move them in my HD to the right folder then relocate inside recordbox - Can i import seperate files into recordbox from within a folder on my harddrive without adding the whole folder and getting loads of doubles ?
So many questions -
And on the answers coz were talkin about files and folders it gets very confusing as to if your talkin about files and folders on my HD windows or within recordbox -

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A quick one - How do i rearrange my playlists within recordbox as in drag my favorite tracks to the top and change the order by my preference top to bottom ? - and then look at alphabetical order or by artist ?  then flick back to my own preferred order top to bottom ?


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Hi Paul.

Don't make it too complex :-)

Within rekordbox you can move files from your library to you Playlists. You can move them within the Playlist, Change the order, re-number them, delete them from Playlist - all wouldn't impact your cue, analysis.

You should not delete them from the entire library.

When moving tracks within your HD Folder structure to a different place, rekordbox is not aware of this movement. Rekordbox will recognize that the file isn't at its previous place anymore and therefore cannot play it anymore. 
In that case you can relocate the file in rekordbox
You will see a yellow sign indicating the track is missing when trying to play it.

Now you can relocate it.

Point rekordbox to the new place on the HD where the file is located now. Once done you file will be available in rekordbox again. Playlists etc. are not impacted by this.

When importing tracks into rekordbox it will ignore duplicated tracks. If you have multiple versions of a track it will be imported, but it will ignore when you try to Import the exact same file you imported before.

Files & Folders is your physical Location on your HD. Rekordbox is a database to organize the Music. You can do lots of organizing in rekordbox without the Need to Change the physical Location of the file.

Regarding your Playlists. As far as I am Aware of a CDJ / XDJ will Show the exported Playlist (on USB) in order how the Playlist is numbered.
What I do is I sort the Playlist to my favorite and let rekordbox renumber the Playlist before exporting it to the USB. With this I will get Playlist with different sorting criteria shown on my XDJ.

i.e. new Track playlist sorted by date, Genre Playlist sorted by alphabetic order.

Hope this helps.


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