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Toraiz touchstrip and midi suggestions

Hello Pioneer people!

A couple of suggestions while you're developing the next updates:

- Could one of the touchstrip assignable parameters be a BPM speed nudge/brake, for beat-matching with non-Pro-DJ-Link sources, like vinyl or CDJS loaded with tunes that haven't been rekordbox-analysed? (That's happened to some of us testing the setup out!) It would be great to be able to access the speed manually a bit without opening the BPM pop-up.

I'm relieved MIDI is going to work in the next update, but just to make sure, while you're in there, could it include:

- start, stop, and record buttons as mappable, especially when you come out with live sampling/looping update, so we can use footswitches, and maybe input level on a CC too so we can use MIDI "volume" pedals? 

- as above touchstrip suggestion, CC-accessible speed control and/or single-"note" nudging/braking for an external physical control or footswitch?

Thank you!

mark morgenstern

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