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Possible Major Bug: Sequencer will not record 1/32 quantize or OFF correctly

I am very happy with the Toraiz and have made a few suggestions in the relevant forum.

I have however become a little concerned with the way the Toraiz is recording my live performances. It's fine if I want to record loops / hits on the fairly standard and safe 16th but if I start playing with Quantize 1/32 or OFF it does NOT record what I play correctly on time.

It's easy to reproduce. 

  1. Create a 1 bar loop at 60 bpm
  2. Add hats on every tigger
  3. Record in realtime and play live to add in 32nd hats (i.e. between each trig)

It completely messes the sequence up.

I can perfectly capture a busy hat performance on my tempest, octatrack or analog keys.


Seems kind of fundamental to a sequencer?

Simon Fine

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hello simon,

I will try to reproduce this and see if I get the same results. 


Dj Creme
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