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Standalone Controller Browser "Simulation" in Rekordbox

I was able to get on an XDJ-XZ this past weekend but without the opportunity to get hands on with the controller until it was my turn to play out, I had a very rough time trying to acclimate to how the controller was reacting to what I thought my settings were on the USB. Maybe I missed something when loading my USB? 

Long story short, it would be incredible if there were a way to replicate the controller browser screen and interface within the Rekordbox software in order to get a hands on feel without having access to the controller itself. I found myself struggling with being used to all the song info available in Rekordbox vs. what shows up on the controller and just wish I could set Rekordbox on my PC to show my library as it would appear on whatever standalone controller I could end up using.  

Tyler Bahr

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