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PLX-1000 pitch issue

Basically, the tempo range seems to be locked at 50% and pressing the tempo button does not change the pitch range like it should, instead, the blue 50% light stays permanently lit.

I've called a number of authorised and general repair dealers and none of them have heard of the fault. The only person I have found with the same fault was some dude on Reddit who experienced the same fault a few days ago.

Being a poor student I am holding of blowing £150+ on a new main PCB assy for the time being. 

Has anyone else seen/experienced/fixed this fault? Purchasing a whole new PCB can't be the only fix... right? 




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Supposedly bought new in January/December. I am the second owner...

I've reached for support but I don't think I'm valid for warranty but am not aware of the process for used gear.

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I have this same problem please I need a solution I call my local pioneer repair center and the want to charge me 120 dollars us just to look at them this issue happen to both my turntables at the same time I bought my turntables in 2016 so I know the warranty is probably gone I need to get these fixed asap any help with what is wrong and who can help would be appreciated.

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