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Export/import Playlist information to csv

Subject: Streamlining Playlist Sharing and Organization for DJs


I'm currently facing a challenge while organizing a DJ set for a friend. Hehas provided me with WAV files for the playlist so i can work the DJ set. I'm seeking an efficient way to share back the playlist information, including track names, cue details, tags, and more. Right now the current process involves me manually taking screenshots of the tracks cue timings and sending them to my friend, which is proving to be quite inconvenient.

In addition, I've explored an alternative approach of creating a DMG/ISO image to establish a "virtual device" for exporting the playlist so my friend can then mount the image and import the playlist, however, I've encountered the issue where Rekordbox doesn't recognize the mounted iso like a devices so no way i can export the playlist. Despite having ample experience teaching Rekordbox and DJing professionally, i find myself investing several hours into searching for solutions on rekordbox.

I believe there must be a better way to address these challenges and enhance our workflow. Collaboration on finding effective solutions for your platform would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward for your feedback.

Best regards,

José Oleiro

José Oleiro

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