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Live Recording - DJM V-10, RMX-1000, & DJM-REC

Seeking to record through DJM V-10's USB (MULTI I/O) using Pioneer's DJM-REC software.  Issue is RMX-1000 will not register audio while recording (no sound showing on input/output LEDs).

Setup is a DJM V-10, three CDJ-3000, and an RMX-1000.  RMX-1000 is wired through DJM's MULTI I/O quarter-inch outputs/inputs.  CDJs are wired through DJM's digital inputs.  DJM and CDJs are all linked.

Again, RMX-1000 will not register audio while recording.  I have attempted to wire RMX-1000 through DJM's extension outputs/inputs, but no audio will register.  Of course, I have selected the appropriate extension on an unused channel when attempting this.

How can I record through DJM USB (MULTI I/O), using Pioneer's DJM-REC software, and have audio from RMX included in recording?

Cole Caster

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Unfortunately, RMX-1000 is not compatible with DJM-REC.
This is why no audio from RMX-1000 is included in the recording when recording with the DJM-REC app.
DJM-REC can record audio exclusively from the DJM mixers shown in the webpage below.

DJM-REC uses the digital send-return feature to record audio so that any other mixers or effectors than the DJM mixers shown above cannot be used with DJM-REC. 

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