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Beta of November firmware update

Given that November is here I figure the new FW is being tested. I'd love the be one of the beta testers. I understand some of the features would be buggy (I'm a software developer myself).

James Womack

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This justifies a response from Pioneer. Here's why:
I like my Toraiz but that doesn't change what's been promised and it doesn't change the facts of software schedules. If a beta of the firmware isn't ready at this date, then it's a safe bet the development team is going to miss the November release deadline. That's software development PM 101. First it was said that the firmware would be release in autumn. Then that was changed to November (late autumn). Now some questions about the release seem to be ignored.

Even relatively secretive companies like Apple release betas far ahead of time in 2016. It's widely recognized that betas increase software reliability, helps prevent sudden deadline misses and helps customers feel listened to. As a company that's less experienced in making software than Apple or Google, Pioneer should be more willing to issue betas, not less.

For a sampler that costs as much as a MacBook, we deserve active communication regarding deadlines and the ability to opt into software betas.

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