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djm 900 nxs2 is unusable with traktor 64bit when using windows 10

hi i have just bought this mixer and credit to the team for tge sound u really have uped ur game finally as i was an allen and heath customer so i know when something sounds good anyway enough of that. the djm nxs2 is not usable in 64 bit on a pc running traktor i advise that anybody using this mixer for dvs in traktor use only 32 bit as pioneer havent sorted their driver to run 64 bit yet. a blue screen crash on ur pc can cause hardware damage serious damage. i dont believe pioneer have come out and said this officially which is rather naughty. 32 bit seems to be fine no issues here so strongly advise running it. if any pioneer staff knows anything otherwise please feel free to let me and everyone else who spent 1700 quid on this mixer. i have my system well optomized to run this stuff so no issues there as i aint pc illiterate. seriously tho u have made a really good mixer here lets get this driver sorted so we can unleash its full potential without this embarrasing hickup

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