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New way of having fun

Hi, i have an Idea that i have thought about for very long.

I have had the problem that it can become a bit boring to stand and play songs all by yourself for an extended period of time, were i wish that i could still talk with friends on discord while playing. 

Then i saw that Beatport has this "Party mode" function where you can sync up with another friend and play together and invite people to listen through a link they click.

And now I'm thinking, why not take it one step further. Imagine that Rekordbox had this funktion that you can sync up and play B2B with a friend in another city or even country. On top of that you can invite people to listen to what we are playing. What if you could add friends and see when they are online and message them. But here comes the fun part. What if we could talk to each other, Imagine having a voice channel like discord (or teams if you don't know what discord is) where X-amount of people could join and hang out talk some shit and listen to or mix together with you. Holy sh*t that would be a completely new way of having fun. 

Awet Mehari

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