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DDJ FLX 4 / RekordBox

1. Filter knobs, inverse color white with black stripe, it will look cool and solve problem of looking identical to other knobs like low which is what you really want.

2. You have extra space on the tiempo slider below, make it longer for better control, at least to end of hot cue buttons.

3. The tiempo slider lines are useless, i have had to draw on a paper and stick on so i know where they are, they need to be visible.

4. add a power button on the BACK of the unit, i dont want ot keep unplugging and pluging the cable into my laptop throughout the day and wearing out the socket.

5. Remove smart fader feature and add SPLIT CUE function. People buy this controller as a starter and its really great to get that practice

6. Rekordbox track waveforms, it would be much better if they were more like the real deal and you had wavaeform on right and waverform on left, instead of o ntop of each other (2 player horiztonal mode). This makes the transition to XDJ etc easier but also more realistic. 

Amanda Sharief

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