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Using XDJ with Ableton to record separate channels

I'm interested to see if there is a way to be able to use channels 1/2 & 3/4 on the XZ to record into ableton. I found that 5/6 is the master output and 7/8 is channel 1 output. Is there a way to change the audio outputs for channels 1/2, 3/4, & 7/8? I've tried messing with some of the settings in Rekordbox but nothing seemed to affect it. Also tried restarting the softwares but got the same results.


My goal is to connect 2 synths to channels 3 & 4 on the XDJ & use ableton to record the master output (5/6) and the individual stereo synths in the first four channels. Ideally also Mic to channel 7/8

Caine Barber

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