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Opus Quad line/phono inputs with DVS/Turntables

When reading about the Opus Quad, alot of people tell me it's meant to be a standalone 4 deck device, that doesn't support additional decks via pro DJ link etc. I understand that and it's limitations with it.

However I am wondering if I can somehow connect DVS turntables into layer 3/4 (Phono/Line inputs) without losing out on the standalone features of the opus quad for layers 1/2.

Idea 1:

Any turntables -rca into- PioneerDJ Interface 2 DVS(connected to Laptop) -rca into- Opus Quad Phono/Line

Would this preserve the Opus Quad Standalone while allowing me to use additional turntables with a laptop for DVS control?

Idea 2:

Pioneer DJ CRSS-12 (USB into Laptop) -rca into- Opus Quad

The CRSS12 hasn't been out for long yet and I'm wondering if this would do the same as the above if its mode is set to Digital Vinyl. Does this work, while preserving the Opus Quad Standalone features? 


For clarification again, I don't want to run the opus quad via Rekordbox performance mode. I want it to run in standalone, while my turntables have the option to take over Layer 3/4 controlled by a laptop, using the above mentioned configurations.

I'd appreciate answers for both ideas or any other idea that may come to mind! Thanks in advance!

Eve Mel

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