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Ayra - Compar kit fx1 ("customized"?)

It has been 2 weeks since my request so i'll post it again. I understand these things take time but a response would be nice at least. Thank you in advance.

Hey Pioneer,

While i am aware that my Ayra Compar kit fx1 is already listed in the fixture list, i would still like to request something. As of right now, the kit acts as one single fixture (while it consists of a couple of different elements). Because of this the DMX lighting mode doesn't really work properly in Rekordbox. However, i have seen the Chauvet Gigbar move, a very similar kind of set up, work perfectly fine in rekordbox lighting. The difference being that in the fixture list it says "customized" for the Gigbar, and all the individual lights are mapped on their own. 

My question is basically if the Ayra Compar kit fx1 can also get an "customized" update by which the individual lights on the kit are controlled seperatly by the software? Thank you 

Link to manual: 

Here are the channel modes for 51 channel setting:

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Hello Joep,

Unfortunately, we do not accept any customization requests in the Forum thread.  

Will you please create a new inquiry from the link below? 


Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation. 

AlphaTheta Support

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