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u'king 200W ZQ02241

can you please check the file on the uking ZQ02241 its already on the list but i think its a 180w as thats the one asking to add, the ones i have are 200w and the beam is not turning on on non of my 4 beams, can you please help me out with this fixture thanks https://www.uking-online.com/product/ultra-bright-moving-head-light-rainbow-lighting-effect-beam-and-pattern-light-rotating-ktv-private-room-disco-light-stage-light/

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Hello Miguel

rekordbox lighting engineers tested with the simulator and found only around the ring is lit and the lights at the center is not lit as shown below.   

The reasons are the two Dimmer versions exist in two channels, but CH6: Dimmer's DMX value is always zero. 


ch12:Ring Dimmer

Even though the Ring portion exists in this fixture, such a feature cannot be controlled by rekordbox lighting.

Also, the engineers were not able to find how the 180w and 200w versions are different so that even if the 200w version is newly supported, the above issues may not be solved. 

Due to the above mentioned reasons, the engineers may not be able to improve the fixture's behaviors.  

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