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PLX-CRSS12 inconsistent fluctuation in rotation (Wow/flutter)

So I have two CRSS12’s and they both exhibit inconsistent fluctuation in the bpm at times. My left turntable shows this more than the right. Let me explain… So using an example with the same track on both turntables of 128.0 BPM, typically my left turntable will fluctuate from 127.8 to 128.1 while my right turntable will be at 128.0 steady locked. This is using the internal needle mode(no needle) At other times my right turntable will fluctuate slightly at 128.0 to 128.1 but the fluctuation 80% of the time is always much less than my left turntable. I know about wow and flutter but with every turntable I have owned prior the wow and flutter is consistent between both turntables. Example: 128.0 to 128.2 (+/- .2%) My concern is the inconsistency and I would like to hear from the engineers about this as well as see if there is a way to fix via firmware if it’s a new issue. Can the turntables be calibrated via firmware ? What are others experiencing ?
DJ Aluzion

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Did you ever hear back about this?

You might consider sending in a report so they can kick the issue up the chain to the engineers to answer. 

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