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Copy/paste pattern sections

Can you copy the first bar of a pattern and paste it into the following bars of the pattern?

Andrew Hadjiantoni

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Hi Andrew,


Hope you're well.

Currently there isn't a way to copy and paste bars to other bars within one pattern. 

However, if you start a new pattern and finish what you're making and then decide to extend it to 2/3/4 bars, it will copy it across to the other bars.


Best regards,

Pioneer DJ Support

Stephen Herdman
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It would also be very useful to be able to copy and paste trigs and pads.


Say you have trig locked various parameters to a trig and you want to copy it elsewhere in the pattern, it is currently very cumbersome to have to check all locked parameters and then "re-build" the trig settings on another trig.


Also, say you have an intricate sample slice map and FX layout setup on a Pad and you want to copy it to another pad, it would be useful to be able to do this, to create variations.


Will you pass this on to the devs?

Simon Fine 2 voti
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