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Thoughts and Suggestions on REKORDBOX DJ /VIDEO

Hi Pioneer,


I’ve been a loyal TRAKTOR user for 10 years, but I’m now getting into VJing. Therefore I’m needing to switch software as TRAKTOR doesn’t have video features. This brings me to REKORDBOX or SERATO (I also have experimented with CROSS DJ and DJAY PRO video features). I really would prefer to use REKORDBOX, but the video features are somewhat lacking compared to the competition. I know this is a relatively new product and you have some catching up to do. You’ve gone far in a short amount of time with some furious development. That's a good sign. Keep in mind, you really need to be a leader rather than just another player in this field.


I like the REKORDBOX library features and organizational abilities. I also enjoy the convenience to output music to USB’s for use on Pioneer club gear. I especially find the dynamic beatgridding wonderful coming from the rigid beatgrids of TRAKTOR.

I’m willing to invest some serious money into the REKORDBOX eco system but i’d like to know if you guys are working on or able to add any of the feature suggestions I have below.




1. Many of the videos I play are in 4:3 format mixed with 16:9 videos. There are black borders. Will you offer the ability to STRETCH or CROP the 4:3 videos to fit the 16:9 size? CROSS DJ offers “VIDEO OUTPUT RATIO MODE” and it works perfectly. It makes the video fit the dimensions of the external projector resolution regardless of what ratio. In my opinion, this is a MUST HAVE feature for me.


1a. Another option to deal with black borders on 4:3 and 16:9 videos so there is consistent imagery filling the entire screen is to use a feature such as “BORDER FILL” like Mix Emergency offers. This extends the video in an artistic way to cover up the black borders without distorting the original video.


1b. I find the REKORDBOX video output doesn’t properly fill the screen on the projector. REKORDBOX is the only software I’ve used that doesn’t fill it. Slight black bars around the entire image even when using 16:9 video. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I’m dragging the master video deck window to the projector desktop and choosing ‘full screen’. Yet, it isn’t truly full screen. Most VJ software has a simple button you click to send to the external projector/monitor.


2. How about getting REKORDBOX to work with MIX EMERGENCY? This software is a wonderful addition to any VJ setup and helps enhance their performance beyond the scope of REKORDBOX. I would think this is a must add if you want people to come over to REKORDBOX from SERATO.


3. Would be nice to have a built in de-interlace feature you can turn on or off. Simple software like VLC includes this.


4. More transitions would be wonderful. Right now it’s fairly limited. I noticed you’ll be adding several more in the next update. That is good news. Keep adding them and be creative.

How about being able to make some transitions based on a graphic we design? Something like an alpha matte that gets zoomed into to show the video through it.


5. How about adding more video file formats for playback. Maybe add .MKV, .VOB, CD-G, .FLV, .DIVX, .WEBM, .WMV. Why not have the most compatible formats? 


6. REKORDBOX is waaaaay more CPU intensive with video than the competition. Can things be optimized further?


7. If you are playing a video with sound and then detach the audio, it would be great if a secondary crossfader would appear. One that controls video and one that controls audio separately. DJAY PRO does this and its quite handy.


8. If you are displaying a photo slideshow, a professional looking option would be a KEN BURNS style movement over each photo. Maybe have the software look for faces so it doesn’t cut off heads in the photos while panning/zooming around.


9. How about Multi Camera input? Many VJ’s will place more than one camera around the event. Would be cool if REKORDBOX recognized the different feeds so you could switch to them quickly in software.


10. Please add some cool “audio visualizers” that are sound reactive similar to Winamp (DJAY PRO offers this).

11. When playing a video and I press the play/pause button the master channel goes to black. The behaviour of play/pause in most VJ software just freezes the video so it is still showing on the master channel. If we wanted it black we would crossfade the video to black.




1. *IMPORTANT* I have spent a lot of time ensuring my entire music collection is in ALAC (Apple Lossless) for optimum sound quality. However, your CDJ’s and other gear will NOT play ALAC. This being the case, then REKORDBOX should offer an automatic conversion process when transferring to USB. You could have a setting that allows you to choose MP3 or AAC format and also lets you choose the quality 256K at 44.1khs for example. Professional level software should be able to deal with higher quality audio formats. This is almost a deal breaker for me.

2. REKORDBOX really needs an "IMPORT FOLDER" option similar to TRAKTOR. This is the easiest way to import files and make sure it is consistent.


I like REKORDBOX, but I want to love it and use it every week as my main DJ/VJ software. However, you aren’t quite there yet, but I feel you can be quickly. Please listen to your users and implement some unique and cutting edge features plus flexibility to REKORDBOX.


I hope your team considers some of my above suggestions. Thanks for reading.



DJ Lazarus


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