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ZonQoonz 40W LED Moving Head

Manufacturer: ZonQoonz
Model Name / Number: ZQ02319
Fixture type: Moving Head RGBW

Professional DMX channel with 13 channels, LED stage lighting, horizontal scanning angle of 540°, vertical scanning angle of 270°; both scanning speeds can be controlled via DMX 512.

CH1 0-255 Horizontal
CH2 0-255 Pan Fine
CH3 0-255 Vertical
CH4 0-255 Tilt Fine
CH5 0-255 Speed
CH6 0-255 Dimming
CH7 0-255 Strobe
CH8 0-255 Red
CH9 0-255 Green
CH10 0-255 Blue
CH11 0-255 White
CH12 31-127 Self Propelled
CH12 128-249 Self Propelled 2
CH12 250-255 Voice Control
CH13 250-255 Reset

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Unfortunately, we need the complete manual for this fixture request. However, you can use the following fixture which has the same channel structure and DMX values as your request. If at any point you have the complete manual available, we would be happy to add it for you.

Manufacturer: U King
Fixture: 60W RGBW Beam Light

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