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Ableton Link disables Tempo faders... but why?

I just want to know why Rekordbox can't be a Master in during an Ableton Link. Is it just how the protocol works? Is there no way to designate a Master in the Link Session? Is Ableton always the Master even if Ableton isn't even involved? Why can I spam +/- to change the tempo in the Ableton Link window, but we can't have that same ability linked to our tempo faders?
I'm sure every user of Pioneer hardware is very happy to push a software button to change tempo instead of the faders included on their hardware. [much sarcasm]
Is there a better implementation on the horizon? Is this it? I just want to understand why this was the implementation we got.

(my use case is wanting to link my DDJ1000 with Resolume for some synced-ish visuals, so ProDJLink isn't an option)


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THIS! There needs to be an option to control the bpm via Tempo Fader and Ableton Link just following the Master Deck BPM. I've been researching for hours now. Also wrote a request to the Pioneer DJ Support.

We need more people pointing this issue out. This is a must for creative workflow.

Please Pioneer DJ, fix this!

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Ableton Sync doesn't have Sync Master mechanism, so it is not possible to achieve the behavior to control the Master BPM with the Tempo Fader of the controller.

I have forwarded the feedback to the engineering team for consideration. 

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