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Hi all,

New here.

I DJ for the over 50 Brit community in the Costa del Sol in Spain.  Very often Im asked to play "this and that" form some old catalogues and, so far, I was able to find my tunes on demand using Tidal. 

Then lately after an upgrade Tidal stopped allowing track separations and this is part of my sessions.

What alternative we have for Tidal that allows track separation? Beatsource doesn't have the catalogue I need.


Andy Lobo

Paulo Brito

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An alternative to Tidal, there isn't. 

Tidal, Beatsource, Beatport and Soundcloud all have something that distinguishes them from the others. 

You either have to:

  1. Change your routine/session to accommodate the limitations. 
  2. Use an different DJ software/older version of RB where track separation stil works with Tidal
  3. Get the actual songs, which in your case would be near impossible with requests as you don't know what they want before hand. 
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