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Customized version of UKing mini spider light


I have 2 Uking mini spider light. 

If I choose the 15 channels version, the white led is always off... (the 7 channels, all leds are always off...)

This Light is not a true RGBW but there are 2 red led, 2 green led, 2 blue led and 2 white led. (fixed colors)

Is it possible 2 assign the 2 white led to Yellow color for example in your software ?, perhaps this will allow the 2 white LEDs to light up ?


Thank you


Here is the manual.

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Sorry for the very late reply.
Actually, it is possible to customize the fixture, but the engineers will have to customize the source codes.
Also, as other engineers mentioned that this fixture can use and mix the four LED colors (rgbw) to light many different colors.  
Thus, if White is not lit, you can make it lit using the combination of the RGB colors. 

More importantly, several engineers tested to light CH3 (Master Dimmer), but all of them failed. They have no idea why it is not lit. 
However, if you use 15CH mode, the same Channel is lit as expected. Please use the 15CH mode instead.

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