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AVE Cobra Wash 200

Hi I have 2 moving heads AVE cobra wash 200 ( not the MK2 model) It has 5ch and 13ch dmx modes and I want to use the 13ch. They're already in the library but it seems they don't work correctly. Ch10 controls white intensity and it says it can't be controlled by RB but when I connect them the white is always full on. I believe it's from that Channel. Is there a way we can fix this issue ? Thank you 13 Channel Mode: Channel Value Function CH1 0-255 PAN CH2 0-255 PAN FINE CH3 0-255 TILT CH4 0-255 TILT FINE CH5 0-255 PAN / TILT speed CH6 0-7 None (CH11=0) 8-134 All light(RGBW) are dimmer 0-100% 135-239 Strobe (Slow > Fast) 240-255 Manual RGBW (CH7 ~ CH10) CH7 0-255 Red dimmer 0-100% CH8 0-255 Green dimmer 0-100% CH9 0-255 Blue dimmer 0-100% CH10 0-255 White dimmer 0-100% CH11 0 CH7~CH10 dimmer mode 1-223 To select 223 color, CH6 work as strobe speed slow to fast 224-235 Colour Fade Mode (Slow > Fast) 236-255 Colour Chase mode (Slow > Fast) CH12 0-2 None 3-84 AUTO Mode (SLOW) 85-169 AUTO Mode (FAST) 170-255 Sound mode CH13 0->255 Reset
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We have fixed a small error which is probably responsible for your issue. The fixture has been updated in the AtlaBase library. It will be reflected in the next rekordbox fixture library update (performed once a week on Wednesday or Thursday except for the national and company holidays). Please find the latest list of the library fixtures here (under Fixture library lists).

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