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Hi Guys,

I would really like it, if I could view the content of a folder with several playlists by clicking on the folder itself. This seems not really difficult to implement and would really help a lot of us to sort our music in a smarter way. My current workaround is to export smart playlists in itunes which contain all songs from a specific folder. 


Is there something similar on the ToDo list for a future update? 

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Yep, this is on the list - thanks for the feedback.

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+1 Would love to see this. 

It should be implemented for CDJs too. Example: I have my hip-hop broken down into sub folders and sub playlists inside the sub folders, but sometimes I just want to look at everything in a sub folder... A workaround is to just create an "all tracks" playlist in each sub folder but it's very cumbersome to keep updated.... 

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